Looking for Good SEO Training Courses

Finding free knowledge on the Internet these days is not all that difficult. There are tons of article directories and blogs that can point you to some good resources or may serve as the actual sources of quality information. Even complicated topics like SEO are simplified to articles that are easy to read. However, SEO articles are ideal for people that are just getting started with search engine optimization. If you try to search for more advanced techniques, you may find bits of information here and there while the rest are simply repeats of tricks that every experienced SEO specialist should know by now. In order to dive into the deeper aspects of SEO, you have to go up a level and find SEO training courses.You might think that these SEO courses are easy to find since you can just try your favorite search engine and see a list of promising results. But stop for a minute and think about the main topic that these training courses cover. If the topic revolves around SEO, you can be certain that these courses use SEO techniques so they stay on the first page of results. This sounds like a good thing because they may share these secrets with you. Unfortunately, there might be other sites that are there just to scam you. All good SEO courses require you to pay a certain amount so you need to make sure that your money goes to a good SEO group or individual. While there are most likely some legitimate sites that offer quality SEO training on the search engines, you should at least resort to these couple of techniques to really make sure you will be dealing with a good group of people behind these courses.Find Out What Others RecommendPeople that have went through some excellent Search Engine Optimization training courses may be kind enough to share their experiences in forums and blogs. Some of these SEO training courses feature referral programs where you can get some extra income just by promoting their SEO course. One way to find these people is to look for an SEO training course using your favorite search engine. Once you found one, use the name or domain of that particular course as a search query so you might find some forum topics that ask if the service is trusted. People may reply with their own personal recommendation of a good SEO training and this is where you can check it out so you can be the judge. It would even be better if you spend some time looking for blogs that often contain more in-depth reviews of online programs with Search Engine Optimization training courses.Compare Different SEO training coursesYou will find people with different opinions and that can cause some confusion. But you can easily clear that if you check out the official websites of the Search Engine Optimization training that others recommend. These training courses should be open with the features and training coverage along with the price. Do a side-by-side comparison and make a choice depending on which training course has a higher number of qualities.

How to Identify Bad SEO Services?

Optimising a website to achieve high rankings in search engine results pages is an extremely effective internet marketing strategy to drive leads and sales to any given website. But be careful, SEO is highly technical and mysterious discipline any so called “SEO professionals” rely on the lack of knowledge to the subject scam prospects.Which leads us to the question: How to Identify Bad SEO Services?First lets understand what SEO or search engine optimisation is all about. SEO is an ongoing process of optimising individual pages of a website with related keywords so when prospects search for these terms, the optimised pages appear in the first results of SERPS (search engine results pages). This process will start to generate qualified traffic to the website which will start to generate conversions, sales, leads, sign ups, etc.Avoid False PromisesWith SEO there are no cutting corners so substantial results cannot be achieved over night. Avoid agencies and freelancers that promise high rankings in just 30 days or less. Anyone promising or guaranteeing first positions in Google is using deceiving techniques that will hurt your website in the long run.What would you prefer a sudden surge in traffic that will go away fairly quick or a steady increase in traffic which will continue to grow constantly without fading away?Black Hat TechniquesThere are many techniques used by these so called “SEO professionals” to game the SE algorithms in order to achieve high rankings in a short period of time. These procedures are known as “Black Hat” and are the signs that make seo services bad and ineffective.Some common black hat techniques are:Keyword Stuffing: Adding keywords right, left and centre on a page making it look unnatural not only for the search engines but also for its visitors.Invisible Text: Using same font colours as the background to try and fool the SE crawlers. This for me is child play; anyone who still believes that SEs are stupid enough to fall for it should look for help.Doorway Pages: Pages created with the sole purpose of ranking high, attract visitors and redirect them to another location.There are many more black hat procedures but the bottom line here is the Search Engines are very strict with their guidelines and do penalise websites that make use of such techniques.Bad Selection of KeywordsKeywords are the core of SEO; it is their rankings that will drive qualified traffic to your website. Some SEO agencies will come up with a huge list of keywords that relate to your business services and products, do not simply accept them. Go over the list selecting the ones that you would like to rank for and feel free to make suggestions of keywords that are related to your business but are not listed.Sometimes keywords with high search volume might not deliver the expected results because they might be too generic for your business. Work together with your selected agency or freelancer to come up with more descriptive keywords that despite having a lower search volume could deliver far more conversions.Paid Links SchemesAvoid such schemes by all means. Links are on the strongest ranking factors, search engines are strict in identifying and classifying them and yes they can recognise paid links by a mile away. SEs have no mercy with websites that engage in paid links schemes so make sure when you hire the services of an SEO they do not engage in these kind of schemes.Driving Irrelevant TrafficThere are many ways to drive traffic to website but unfortunately most of them are not effective. When I say not effective I meant that the traffic being driven is of low quality and by low quality I mean traffic that doesn’t convert at all. There are many ways to identify low quality traffic.A reliable SEO service should provide periodical analytics reports that indicate the behaviour of visitors when they land on your website. A high number of unique visitors doesn’t mean that the traffic to your website is good. Look for signals like bounce rate, average time on site, page views per visit and conversion rates.Be Careful with PricingSEO services vary in price according to a series of factors. Sometimes the most expensive ones might not be the best ones while affordable seo services could end up costing more than they were actually marketed. There are no set prices for internet marketing services some agencies offer set packages, others charge by the hour but the most important thing is to know how to identify bad seo services and with this guide you are now able to do so.